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I hope your summer activities are going well.  We at Worklife Institute are as busy as we were in the Spring.  For those of you who fund your ministries as a non-profit, you know that mid-summer is often the end of the grant year and start-up of the new.  So, we are finishing our end-of-year grant reports and heading into the new cycle.

Our Employee Assistance Programs regional provider program is humming along.  One of our EAPs, out of Atlanta, is contracting with a number of federal agencies in the Houston area, so we are working with many federal employees.  They are experiencing a particular type of stressors due to the political turmoil and uncertainty as it is affecting federal agencies.  The energy companies in our area are also cycling through rapid ups and downs, so the employees coming to us are concerned about layoffs or being asked to transfer to west Texas.

With our military transitions program, quite a few of the National Guard and Reserve units we serve are being deployed to the boarder in the coming weeks, and we are counseling quite a few of the troops, particularly the women.  A Corps of Engineers unit that we provided for last weekend at their family day just had many of their members return from Africa or the boarder.  We are continuing to welcome new clients who are transitioning out, and many of the older veterans are interested in entrepreneurship.  So we are holding a Boots2Business Reboot course August 14th, sponsored by the Small Business Administration.  If you are interested in how the SBA is involved, give me a call or contact your nearest Small Business Development Center.

Juliette Jones has just sent us this notice to get to you ASAP.  It is notice of an open position at Tidwell Hospice where she works.  She wrote:  Have applicant start by looking at both these links. I was told the position is for 30 hours per week, working weekends and 1 weekday. Benefits included. Salary is competitive – probably about $25 per hour.  Don’t quote me on that.  If you have trouble getting through, call Eric Huban in HR.  This would no doubt in time lead to a 40-hour week.  I can tell you that because I’ve been asked multiple times to go full time. Nix on that, I’m retired.  Would appreciate if applicant used my name as referral source. Juliette Jones.  Questions or to expedite call (855) 843-3935   Ask for Eric Huban.  This is a good opportunity if you are geared to move to Florida.



NIBIC has received notice from David Johnson, Journal of Pastoral Care Publications Business Office Manager, that the newest issue of the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling is out:  Volume 73, Number 2 (June 2019).  It is available for our NIBIC members on our website – NIBIC members section:  www.nibic.com.  If you haven’t set up an account, contact our web person:  Greg Edwards.  I just accessed the issue, and it is posted, although our website doesn’t reflect it.  Click onto the journal, and the new issue will display.  Each article can be downloaded and printed.

NIBIC received notice that starting next year, our annual assessment for the Journal is going up from $1,000, as it is currently, to $1,500.  I am concerned about this, especially since so few NIBIC members are up to date on your dues.  Please look in your account now and forward your 2019 dues to me, and Greg Edwards will enter them into our account.

Our NIBC representative on the Board of Managers of the JPCP is Bill Griever, from Tacoma, WA.  He and I have been exploring continuing collaboration with the Spiritual Care Associations beyond what we already have, in our recognition as a certifying body.  We would like your participation in this discussion.  Do go onto their website: spiritualcareassociation.org and peruse the site.  They are nine specialties listed, including Corporate Chaplaincy.  Divisions are being set up to accommodate a diversity of pastoral care giving.  To date there are six Divisions set up:  Health Care Chaplain, First Responder Chaplain, Nursing Division, Military Chaplain Division and Social Work Division.  We are thinking that it would be a boost to our field if we signed on to sponsor the Corporate Chaplaincy Division.  What do you think?  Let’s talk about this and make a decision as soon as we get a consensus from NIBIC members who speak up.  Bill and I have been playing telephone-tag but this week will be giving the idea more thought.

Please do send your news.  Wishing you a good rest of the summer,

Chaplain Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., LMFT, NBCC
Executive Director – NIBIC
1900 St. James Place, Suite 880
Houston, TX 77056

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