Hello all,

I have attached our 2019 NIBIC Membership Renewal and Directory Update form; please fill it and send it to us ASAP, so that we can take care of our annual assessment for the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling and other expenses incurred on your behalf.  Thanks much.

Also attached are the Certificated Clinical Member application and Re-certification form for those of you already Certified members.  Remember that one year after you are granted Clinical Member status you are eligible to apply for NIBIC Certification (NBCC).

This week at least three of our members have represented us at the Washington, D.C. COMISS and NCMAF/ECVAC annual meetings – Tod Ziegler, William Greaver and Dave Plummer.  I wasn’t present because I had had foot surgery over the holidays and still had stitches in, so the doctor grounded me.  Aside from braving the epic snowfall, we hope to get a good synopsis from them after they return home.

We have two pieces of good news ref. NIBIC membership and certifications from Mark Applewhite and William Greaver:  Mark wrote:  “Dear Diana: good to connect.  Thanks for your call.  NIBIC’s commitment to my LCSW-R credentials, which requires on-going Continuing Education, is truly a blessing.”  And, William Greaver, from Tacoma, WA, wrote in to tell us that his Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training has just been granted accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.  Congratulations to both NIBIC members.

We have also welcomed into NIBIC a new Clinical Member, Elizabeth (Betsy) Hamm, M.Div., from Wooster, OH.  She completed her CPE Residency at the regional VA Medical Center near there and now serves as a chaplain at Mercy Medical Center Home Health Care & Hospice.  Her contact information is betsy_hamm@yahoo.com, 330-466-0844, for you to send her a line to welcome her aboard.

Wishing you a robust start to 2019!  Please send in your news notes and round-robin them to the email list, above, of members for which we have up to date emails.

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