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This email is to the members who are up to date on your dues.  The others, who have fallen behind, will get a separate note.  We are excited to share with you the following news:

As I have been updating you, over the past 2+ years NIBIC has been in conversation with the Spiritual Care Association and established reciprocal recognition of the NIBIC Certified Member status (NBCC).  A number of our members have become involved with the SCA and taken advantage of their educational opportunities.  We have watched SCA’s development of Divisions for sub-specialties of spiritual care givers and saw that Corporate Chaplaincy was listed.

So after a lot of consultation among ourselves and SCA, we have entered into a partnership with SCA to populate the Corporate Chaplaincy Division, while remaining our own entity, as NIBIC.   Our reasoning includes the  opportunity to create more visibility for NIBIC and promote clinically-based corporate chaplaincy, increase our membership and ensure our longevity, reduce our book keeping tasks, and take advantage of the annual conference, professional publication and other educational resources.  The annual meeting, which this year is in Santa Fe, NM, will give us a chance to mingle with a broad mix of other spiritual care providers and have a place to convene our own membership meetings and provide workshops, as used to be the case in the pastoral care movement.

Our dues will go up to $85 for this year but will include a lot more benefits, including a journal which you can actually access.  For this year, we have been given a $10 discount off the usual $95 professional member fee.  So, as soon as you read this email go to:  https://www.spiritualcareassociation.org/corporate and you will see what is already on our page.  Click on the green “join now” button and then select “Professional – Corporate Chaplain” from the dropdown menu on the registration page.  Enter our special discount “promotion” code:  NIBICSCA2020 (case sensitive).  Enter your information for the membership directory and pay by credit card.  At the end of each month, SCA will send us a list of our registered members and a check for 50% to take care of our own items, such as the COMISS Network dues and meeting.  I just did my dues, and it is an easy process.  You will get a return receipt.

As before, NIBIC Certification is included with our dues, and I will be attaching the forms for that.  Any NIBIC Clinical member with membership for a year is eligible to become NBCC, this is also available for anyone who comes into NIBC with equivalent current certification with another professional organization.  Also, after you renew your membership, please send me the NIBIC Directory update sheet so that we can keep our own directory up to date.  We will be retaining our old www.nibic.com webpage which Greg Edwards takes care of but deleting the expensive password protected members only page, which is now irrelevant since most people are locked out of the SAGE publications Journal link.  Since the Journal has also increased our assessment by 50% to $1,500 for this year, we will be dropping our participation.

If you have any questions, you may contact myself, Greg Edwards, Bill Greaver; Tod Ziegler, Betsy Hamm and Juliette Jones were also part of the conversations.  Also, if anyone would like to present a SCA webinar featuring topics relating to corporate chaplaincy, please let me know.  SCA would like to start scheduling our folks for this year.

Have a good rest of the week.   Diana Dale

Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D.
Executive Director – NIBIC
CEO and President, Worklife Institute
Director, Texas Veterans Transition Program
1900 St. James Place, Suite 880
Houston, TX 77056
713-266-2456, 713-963-9456

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