NIBIC Chaplaincy

A NIBIC Chaplain is ordained or commissioned for public ministry by his or her faith group and endorsed to provide spiritual care services in a workplace setting.

Is committed to serving culturally diverse populations, offering respect and care equally to all in the workplace.

Provides a variety of services according to his or her professional training and credentialing, including advisement and counseling regarding personal and family matters as well as concerns relating to career, workplace change and conflict resolution, work / life balance, and more.

Is collaborative with those providing congregational ministry and community services but does not attempt to substitute for those functions within the workplace.

Is supportive of faith-based Employee Resource Groups as they may develop within a workplace but encourages employees to take the initiative for their group activities.

Engages in an ongoing basis with professional development including continuing education for best practices and peer consultation for mutual support.

Business-Industrial Chaplaincy

Is an interdenominational, ecumenical counseling ministry to people in business and industry, responding to individual and family needs, as well as work-life concerns such as job stress and career.

Is not a denominational promotion scheme, a preaching platform, a defense of paternalism, a labor or management tool, or competition for community services or agencies.

Is a preventive, as well as problem-solving, ministry and reaches out with concern to all people.

Is a carefully structured ministry of pastoral care conducted by carefully selected and trained ministers, working within the boundaries of cooperative and supportive business or industry.

Important Articles

Workplace Chaplaincy in the United States

History and Principles by The Rev. Diana C. Dale, D.Min.,Ph.D.,LMFT, NBCC.

Three Streams of Corporate Chaplaincy

by Diana C. Dale,
D.Min., LMFT, AAC.

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