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National Institute of Business and Industrial Chaplains
Tuesday, December 01, 2020

 Renewing Members

If you are a current member who needs to renew their membership, then print and fill out the 2019 Membership Renewal form (MS Word or PDF*)and mail it with your dues to: 

The Worklife Institute - NIBIC
1900 St. James Place, Suite 880
Houston, TX 77056

Certified chaplains should print and fill out the Application for Re-certification (Ms Word or PDF*). Please return this with your membership renewal form. 

*Adobe Acrobat Required 

New Members

Membership Categories

  • Certified Chaplain      ($65, Voting Member)

A Certified Chaplain in NIBIC meets all the requirements of a clinical member plus: Has one full year of pastoral experience as a clinical member; shows advanced competence in a specialized area of business or industrial chaplaincy; demonstrates professional leadership and pastoral identity; demonstrates an understanding of, and have a commitment to, NIBIC’s code of ethics. 

The Certified Chaplain membership can only be applied for after being a Clinical member for at least one year.  There is an application process which involves an interview as well as showing that one has gone above and beyond the standards for a Clinical member.

There is a $50 Certified Chaplain application fee for new applicants. 


  • Clinical Member            ($65, Voting Member)

A Clinical Member is an ordained or commissioned minister with a Bachelor’s degree and Master of Divinity degree or equivalent, who has been approved or endorsed as a chaplain by his or her faith group, has four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) or equivalent (such as AAMFT, AAPC, APA, ACSW), (1) is employed as a Business ir industrial chaplain, or (2) whose job relates to business or industrial chaplaincy.  A clinical member will also demonstrate an understanding of, and have a commitment to, NIBIC’s code of ethics. 

  • Professional Member     ($65, Voting Member)
  • Associate Member          ($50, Non-Voting Member)
  • Lay Affiliate                      ($50, Non-Voting Member)

    A Lay Affiliate is a layperson serving as a staff member or in another supportive capacity for workplace ministry on a paid or non-stipendiary basis.
  • Retired                               ($50, Non-Voting Member)

    A Retired member has retired from chaplaincy or other ministry.
  • Student Affiliate                 ($30, Non-Voting Member)

    A Student Affiliate is a student at any level of education who is interested in business or industrial ministry as a vocation.
  • Organizational Affiliate       ($100, Non-Voting Member)

    An Organizational Affiliate is a organization interested in supporting and promoting the business or industrial chaplaincy ministry.

New Membership Fee

There is a $10 processing fee for new memberships.

Privileges of Membership

Voting privileges and eligibility for election as a director or officeholder in the corporation shall be restricted to clinical and professional members. Affiliates may be appointed by the president or board of directors to serve on committees, on task forces, or in other ways.

Membership Applicaion

To request that a membership application be sent to you please contact us by:

 Regular Mail: NIBIC Membership Application
                         1900 St. James Place, Suite 880
                          Houston, TX 77056
           Phone  (713) 266-2456        
                Fax:   (713) 266-0845

  For more information contact us at