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Wednesday, June 16, 2021


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News for Fall 2016

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 Hello NIBIC Members with current Email addresses:


I hope that you and those you serve had a good Veterans Day.  At Worklife Institute, we have provided our services at two Veterans and Families Hiring and Benefits events.  The “Red, White and You” state-wide job fair November 10th brought in 3,000 job seekers and 160 employers, plus 22 of us service organizations, at the baseball stadium downtown. The Veterans Day event took place outside of City Hall in conjunction with the annual parade.  Many veterans and their families who are out of work came by our information booth.


Several weeks ago three of us on our Institute team were in San Francisco for the Swords to Plowshares’ get-together for the California and Texas Employment and Training Collaborative.  We are one of four Texas and ten California organizations invited to be part of the program, to share best practices and explore new ways to get people back to work and with new skills.   It was great to get back to my old “stomping grounds”.  I hadn’t been back to the Bay Area in 18 years. 


Attached is a notice of the passing of Howard E. Butt, Jr., the founder of the HEB grocery chain, and a significant pioneer of the “faith in daily life”, servant-leadership and workplace ministry movements.  In other parts of the country we hear more about the leadership coming out of Chicago, New York and other places, but I thought you would be interested in the colorful and very influential work of H.E. Butt from Texas.


In a major development within the pastoral care associations and credentialing arena, we succeeded in getting NIBIC recognized as an approved certifying professional chaplaincy organization whose board certification is recognized as equivalent by the Spiritual Care Association.  I got notice in early October that the SCA was offering half-price membership and application for Board certification to celebrate its rapid growth in six months to more than 1,000 members and offices in nine countries. 


Dave Plummer, myself and others in NIBIC had been watching this organization’s development, because it had been publicizing “evidence-based” chaplaincy credentialing as a future-oriented approach to pastoral care competency measurement and stirring the waters of the older certifying bodies.  For many years we have had to deal with a succession of alliances within COMISS and beyond that have purported to define common standards for pastoral care certification, and which had cut NIBIC and other major players out, jeopardizing some of our members’ employment.  I went on the SCA’s website and saw that we were not listed for equivalency, so I wrote SCA’s leadership.


Sue Wintz, who is responsible for “vetting certifying organizations eligible to partner with (SCA) in certifying chaplains”, and I had a series of discussions, and I  shared what we sent to a team of NIBIC folks, including Juliette Jones, Alan Harris, Martha Gonsalves, Art Jacobson, Greg Edwards, Dave Plummer and Tim Bancroft.  From our qualifications documents, they said they were under the impression that we don’t require the 2,000 hours of clinical practice as a chaplain prior to certification application and question our ministerial identity.


Wintz explained,  “it reads as though NIBIC certification is granted for (a), being a secular counselor as enough, and (b), the person doesn’t have to be working as a chaplain; they just have to be doing pastoral care, however that may be defined.  That appears to say that a person could work in HR or in Employee Assistance and not be pastorally or chaplaincy identified at all, nor have the required training and experience.  Because of these issues, we cannot offer reciprocal certification by SCA to your members at this time.  Please let us know in the future if these issues are readdressed.”  This is the same stance that we have experienced over the past years.


I responded with an overview of our stated certification requirements and a historical scan of corporate changes over the past thirty years. This is  attached as a statement you can use, if you’d like, to provide clarity to “doubters” you may encounter.  SCA’s response the same day, October 18, was as follows: “Thanks so much for the additional information; it greatly helps to clarify information that wasn’t as clear for us in the written materials as well as describe the dynamics that many workplace chaplains face which we weren’t aware of.  I’ve discussed this with Eric Hall (CEO & President, SCA), and we would be happy to include NIIC chaplains as having reciprocal certification by the Spiritual Care Association.  We will ensure that NIBIC is added to the SCA Certification page as one of the recognized U.S. or international professional chaplaincy organizations as recognized for Path 1 certification as a SCA BCC.   “


You can access this page by going to  Whether or not NIBIC members wish to take advantage of this additional certification, or if it is helpful to your place of employment, is up to you.  The significance of what we have worked on here is that a great breakthrough in understanding, collaboration and respect for multiple paths towards competency has occurred.  This is a hopeful sign for the spiritual /pastoral care movement and our place in it.


Do write with your news.  Our next edition of the NIBIC News Notes will come out shortly after the New Year.  Blessings of the Season to you and your ministry.


Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., LMFT, NBCC

CEO and President, Worklife Institute

Executive Director, NIBIC

1900 St. James Place, Suite 880

Houston, TX 77056



News for Winter 2016

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 Hello NIBIC members,


Attached is your 2016 Dues and Directory Update form to send in ASAP.  Later in the Spring we will publish an updated version of the Directory, based on what changes you send it.  Please also note the information requests on the bottom of the form.  Please volunteer to be the News Notes editor.  Also let us know if you would want to attend an in-person gathering for sharing best practices this year, and if you would be able to come and suggest a venue.


I have very good news for you about our new accessibility to the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling.  Greg Edwards and I had been wrestling with this for a long time, then Alan Harris, our new representative to the JPCP Board to Managers, really took the challenge in hand, and working with Sage Publications they managed to get our membership link established.  I just tried it, and it works!  Here are the steps to get into the publication:


1)       Log into the NIBIC website with your own user ID and password.  (If you haven’t done this before and have trouble, contact Greg at

2)      On the members page, click on the link to Sage Publications and the PJCC page.

3)      The NIBIC name will appear in small letters on the upper left-hand side of the page.

4)      Then click on the model of the cover of the Journal, on the left side of the page.

5)      This ought to get you to the current issue.  You access each article by checking the square to the left of the title and clicking the pdf icon below to open the article.


Let me know how it works for you, and good reading.


The pastoral care leadership meetings in Washington, D.C. were very well done and interesting this year.  I got back two weeks ago, before the snow hit.  The theme of the COMISS  (civilian credentialing and endorsing groups) conference this year was, “The Science of Well-Being.”  Matt Bloom, Ph.D. presented during three sessions.  A clip of his message can be found at   There was also an distinct air of collegiality and civility in evidence this year – a great sign of spiritual and professional maturing, in contrast with past years’ incidents of ideological and competitive discord.


During the military and VA chaplaincy endorsers’ meeting, I got to present our program from Worklife Institute, as one of two programs selected from the membership to demonstrate best-practices and a model for other organizations’ creating new programs to meet emerging needs.  The session got a lot of enthusiastic response, with requests for copies of the slides and further program sharing.  I encourage the rest of us NIBIC members to circulate your program innovations, and let’s get a resource network going, with what we produce also stored on our website.


I wish you a great start to 2016, and again, thanks to Alan Harris for pursuing our JPCC link. Best to you,  Diana Dale


Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., LMFT

CEO and President, Worklife Institute

Executive Director, NIBIC

1900 St. James Place, Suite 880

Houston, TX 77056




News for September 2015

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Hello NIBIC folks,


Happy Labor Day week.   To continue the theme of good work for workers, the national Interfaith Worker Justice website,, has a broad range of resources and worship materials for you to use in your workplace and congregational ministries this season.  We make the resources available here at Worklife Institute.


This week we participated in a major hiring fair at the baseball stadium in Houston.  1,000 transitioning veterans and their family members mobbed our information table looking for new opportunities.  The Oil & Gas industry has plummeted in this region, and over 70,000 jobs have been lost in the greater Houston area.  Many of those we assisted through their job search over the past seven years are having to hit the pavement again.  Employment cycles are a major challenge, and I hope that more of us industrial and business chaplains will buff up our skills in career transition counseling and use that to reach out to the working people in your region.  If anyone in NIBIC would like some coaching in developing or updating these skills, you may call us at Worklife Institute.  Likewise, any other NIBIC members who have this knowledge, please copy the email list above and offer your assistance.


Another application of workplace ministry I recommend getting refresher training for is in providing critical incident response.  We at Worklife Institute head up or are part of a number of Employee Assistance Program – based critical incident response teams.  This summer, we have been called on to handle a variety of incidents, including corporate layoff days, retail and bank armed robberies, the murder of a company area manager by a just-fired employee, and a manager suicide.  Each situation is unique, and we go on-site with prayerful openness to discern what is going on under the surface, to pick up on each employee’s personal response with respect and compassion, to provide support to management and help restore a sense of safety and hope.


The current issue of The Journal of Employee Assistance (3rd Quarter 2015, VOL. 45 No.3) is a good place to start.  The cover article is entitled, “Broadening the Value of Critical Incident Response” (pp. 10-13).  It recounts a 5-year study which found that the most common requests for CIR services have been employee death (45%), robbery and armed robbery (31%), and layoff, downsizing, termination (8%).   This is what we are experiencing for the Houston area.  You can request a copy of the Final Report Executive Summary at


Some Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling news:  Alan Harris has taken over from Dave Plummer as NIBIC’s representative on the Board of Managers.  Sage Publications is now the producer of the Journal, which is on-line.  We have access to the Journal through logging on to the website and clicking on the Journal link.  Greg Edwards, our Treasurer and web keeper, is troubleshooting the link as I write this, because there have been some bumps in making the publisher transition to member pastoral care organizations.  By the time you read this, we should be up and running.  Remember that you need to create your log on before you can access this member benefit.  The summer issue is now online. 


And, NIBIC Board notes:  Several of us, including myself, Alan Harris, Juliette Jones, and Lowell Graves, are going to be getting our heads together in a brainstorming session to see how NIBIC members can link closer together to provide for collaboration and energizing in our association.  All your ideas are welcome.  Also, for anyone who is in arears with your 2015 dues, please send them in ASAP, so that we can pay our website and JCPC assessments. 


Wishing you the best and blessings for a good start to the Fall back to work and school season.  Diana


Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., LMFT

Executive Director, NIBIC

CEO and President, Worklife Institute

1900 St. James Place, Suite 880

Houston, TX 77056



News for December 2014

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News for September 2014

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