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Monday, October 26, 2020


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News for June 2020

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 View Comments Comments (0)
 Hello folks,

I know that each of you is coping in various ways with the “new normal” of protective measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For myself and Worklife Institute, Houston shut down on March 25th, so our building had to close to clients then.  The city and State are reopening step by step, although the case rate is still going up.  We set up a safety protocol on May 5th, and everyone is cooperating.  Next week we will try our first in-person weekly Wednesday workshop and see how that goes.  We have two big veterans who will be the monitors.  The 2020 Census wants to use our space in July to train their new workers, so we’ll be hosting them.


I have a good article I want to pass on to you from the Human Resource Executive online newsletter:  “Why empathy is key as employees return to workplaces.”  You can find it at, from May 29, 2020.  The article also has a number of useful links.  In addition to our large veterans family program, we are also seeing a lot of EAP clients, and this article really ran true to me.  With managers and rank-and-file employees operating under duress from COVID, unemployment fears, the racial strife, a lot of the clients I am seeing are fearful and not feeling assurance and care from their bosses.  So as chaplains we can do our best to bring listening and empathy to those we encounter.


If you have resources for the rest of us, please pass them along to us.   I wish each of us a good and restful weekend.  Let’s stay in touch this summer.  Peace and best to you.


Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., LMFT

Exec. Director, NIBIC

CEO and President, Worklife Institute

Director, Texas Veterans Transition Program

1900 St. James Place, Suite 880

Houston, TX 77056

713-266-2456, 713-963-9456






News for Feb 2020

Saturday, February 01, 2020 View Comments Comments (0)

Hello NIBIC member,


This email is to the members who are up to date on your dues.  The others, who have fallen behind, will get a separate note.  We are excited to share with you the following news:


As I have been updating you, over the past 2+ years NIBIC has been in conversation with the Spiritual Care Association and established reciprocal recognition of the NIBIC Certified Member status (NBCC).  A number of our members have become involved with the SCA and taken advantage of their educational opportunities.  We have watched SCA’s development of Divisions for sub-specialties of spiritual care givers and saw that Corporate Chaplaincy was listed. 


So after a lot of consultation among ourselves and SCA, we have entered into a partnership with SCA to populate the Corporate Chaplaincy Division, while remaining our own entity, as NIBIC.   Our reasoning includes the  opportunity to create more visibility for NIBIC and promote clinically-based corporate chaplaincy, increase our membership and ensure our longevity, reduce our book keeping tasks, and take advantage of the annual conference, professional publication and other educational resources.  The annual meeting, which this year is in Santa Fe, NM, will give us a chance to mingle with a broad mix of other spiritual care providers and have a place to convene our own membership meetings and provide workshops, as used to be the case in the pastoral care movement.


Our dues will go up to $85 for this year but will include a lot more benefits, including a journal which you can actually access.  For this year, we have been given a $10 discount off the usual $95 professional member fee.  So, as soon as you read this email go to: and you will see what is already on our page.  Click on the green “join now” button and then select “Professional – Corporate Chaplain” from the dropdown menu on the registration page.  Enter our special discount “promotion” code:  NIBICSCA2020 (case sensitive).  Enter your information for the membership directory and pay by credit card.  At the end of each month, SCA will send us a list of our registered members and a check for 50% to take care of our own items, such as the COMISS Network dues and meeting.  I just did my dues, and it is an easy process.  You will get a return receipt.


As before, NIBIC Certification is included with our dues, and I will be attaching the forms for that.  Any NIBIC Clinical member with membership for a year is eligible to become NBCC, this is also available for anyone who comes into NIBC with equivalent current certification with another professional organization.  Also, after you renew your membership, please send me the NIBIC Directory update sheet so that we can keep our own directory up to date.  We will be retaining our old webpage which Greg Edwards takes care of but deleting the expensive password protected members only page, which is now irrelevant since most people are locked out of the SAGE publications Journal link.  Since the Journal has also increased our assessment by 50% to $1,500 for this year, we will be dropping our participation.


If you have any questions, you may contact myself, Greg Edwards, Bill Greaver; Tod Ziegler, Betsy Hamm and Juliette Jones were also part of the conversations.  Also, if anyone would like to present a SCA webinar featuring topics relating to corporate chaplaincy, please let me know.  SCA would like to start scheduling our folks for this year.


Have a good rest of the week.   Diana Dale


Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D.

Executive Director - NIBIC

CEO and President, Worklife Institute

Director, Texas Veterans Transition Program

1900 St. James Place, Suite 880

Houston, TX 77056

713-266-2456, 713-963-9456


News for Summer 2019

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 Hello NIBIC member:

 I hope your summer activities are going well.  We at Worklife Institute are as busy as we were in the Spring.  For those of you who fund your ministries as a non-profit, you know that mid-summer is often the end of the grant year and start-up of the new.  So, we are finishing our end-of-year grant reports and heading into the new cycle. 

 Our Employee Assistance Programs regional provider program is humming along.  One of our EAPs, out of Atlanta, is contracting with a number of federal agencies in the Houston area, so we are working with many federal employees.  They are experiencing a particular type of stressors due to the political turmoil and uncertainty as it is affecting federal agencies.  The energy companies in our area are also cycling through rapid ups and downs, so the employees coming to us are concerned about layoffs or being asked to transfer to west Texas. 

 With our military transitions program, quite a few of the National Guard and Reserve units we serve are being deployed to the boarder in the coming weeks, and we are counseling quite a few of the troops, particularly the women.  A Corps of Engineers unit that we provided for last weekend at their family day just had many of their members return from Africa or the boarder.  We are continuing to welcome new clients who are transitioning out, and many of the older veterans are interested in entrepreneurship.  So we are holding a Boots2Business Reboot course August 14th, sponsored by the Small Business Administration.  If you are interested in how the SBA is involved, give me a call or contact your nearest Small Business Development Center.

Juliette Jones has just sent us this notice to get to you ASAP.  It is notice of an open position at Tidwell Hospice where she works.  She wrote:  Have applicant start by looking at both these links. I was told the position is for 30 hours per week, working weekends and 1 weekday. Benefits included. Salary is competitive - probably about $25 per hour.  Don’t quote me on that.  If you have trouble getting through, call Eric Huban in HR.  This would no doubt in time lead to a 40-hour week.  I can tell you that because I’ve been asked multiple times to go full time. Nix on that, I’m retired.  Would appreciate if applicant used my name as referral source. Juliette Jones.  Questions or to expedite call (855) 843-3935   Ask for Eric Huban.  This is a good opportunity if you are geared to move to Florida.


NIBIC has received notice from David Johnson, Journal of Pastoral Care Publications Business Office Manager, that the newest issue of the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling is out:  Volume 73, Number 2 (June 2019).  It is available for our NIBIC members on our website – NIBIC members section:  If you haven’t set up an account, contact our web person:  Greg Edwards.  I just accessed the issue, and it is posted, although our website doesn’t reflect it.  Click onto the journal, and the new issue will display.  Each article can be downloaded and printed. 

NIBIC received notice that starting next year, our annual assessment for the Journal is going up from $1,000, as it is currently, to $1,500.  I am concerned about this, especially since so few NIBIC members are up to date on your dues.  Please look in your account now and forward your 2019 dues to me, and Greg Edwards will enter them into our account.

Our NIBC representative on the Board of Managers of the JPCP is Bill Griever, from Tacoma, WA.  He and I have been exploring continuing collaboration with the Spiritual Care Associations beyond what we already have, in our recognition as a certifying body.  We would like your participation in this discussion.  Do go onto their website: and peruse the site.  They are nine specialties listed, including Corporate Chaplaincy.  Divisions are being set up to accommodate a diversity of pastoral care giving.  To date there are six Divisions set up:  Health Care Chaplain, First Responder Chaplain, Nursing Division, Military Chaplain Division and Social Work Division.  We are thinking that it would be a boost to our field if we signed on to sponsor the Corporate Chaplaincy Division.  What do you think?  Let’s talk about this and make a decision as soon as we get a consensus from NIBIC members who speak up.  Bill and I have been playing telephone-tag but this week will be giving the idea more thought.

Please do send your news.  Wishing you a good rest of the summer,

Chaplain Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., LMFT, NBCC
Executive Director – NIBIC
1900 St. James Place, Suite 880
Houston, TX 77056 


News for Jan 2019

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 Hello all,

I have attached our 2019 NIBIC Membership Renewal and Directory Update form; please fill it and send it to us ASAP, so that we can take care of our annual assessment for the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling and other expenses incurred on your behalf.  Thanks much. 

Also attached are the Certificated Clinical Member application and Re-certification form for those of you already Certified members.  Remember that one year after you are granted Clinical Member status you are eligible to apply for NIBIC Certification (NBCC). 

This week at least three of our members have represented us at the Washington, D.C. COMISS and NCMAF/ECVAC annual meetings – Tod Ziegler, William Greaver and Dave Plummer.  I wasn’t present because I had had foot surgery over the holidays and still had stitches in, so the doctor grounded me.  Aside from braving the epic snowfall, we hope to get a good synopsis from them after they return home. 

We have two pieces of good news ref. NIBIC membership and certifications from Mark Applewhite and William Greaver:  Mark wrote:  “Dear Diana: good to connect.  Thanks for your call.  NIBIC’s commitment to my LCSW-R credentials, which requires on-going Continuing Education, is truly a blessing.”  And, William Greaver, from Tacoma, WA, wrote in to tell us that his Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training has just been granted accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.  Congratulations to both NIBIC members.

We have also welcomed into NIBIC a new Clinical Member, Elizabeth (Betsy) Hamm, M.Div., from Wooster, OH.  She completed her CPE Residency at the regional VA Medical Center near there and now serves as a chaplain at Mercy Medical Center Home Health Care & Hospice.  Her contact information is, 330-466-0844, for you to send her a line to welcome her aboard.

Wishing you a robust start to 2019!  Please send in your news notes and round-robin them to the email list, above, of members for which we have up to date emails. 


News for August 2018

Saturday, September 01, 2018 View Comments Comments (0)

Hello NIBIC Members,


This weekend marks the annual commemoration of Labor Day, which honors the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, Laws and well-being of the country.  I am attaching a Prayer for Workers from the Interfaith Worker Justice website for your reflection and use with those you serve.  You can find a large number of other resources on their website,


Last week Terry Bard, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, called to ask NIBIC’s permission to use material from our website for a book soon to be published called “Body and Soul”, which chronicles the development over the years of the pastoral care movement.  The author had contacted me several years ago, and I had tried to convey to her how the workplace chaplaincy movement has evolved and sent her additional materials that I had published.  It will be interesting to see how we are portrayed in the book.  When it comes out I hope to set you know.


Terry Bard and Doug Kellough, President of the Journal’s Board of Managers has also contacted us to tell us about the global reach now that the Journal has through its partnership with SAGE publications, reaching pastoral care practitioners, students and institutions in many countries around the world.  He also asked our help in encouraging the institutions with which we are associated to take out subscriptions, and the Journal has developed an incentive discount program.  If you are interested, please contact the Journal at


Alan Harris, a NIBIC board member and who has represented us on the Journal’s Board of Managers, has let me know that due to his increasing responsibilities in his new ministry endeavor and finishing up his LPC, he needs to retire from the Board.  We need a new person to step up and be our representative.  I had been our rep for 8 years and Dave Plummer after me, then Alan Harris.  Please consider taking on this important role.  In recent years, the board has met “virtually”, by phone and emails.  This November the Board will be meeting in Toronto for an Annual Meeting, starting at 9 a.m. on Monday, November 12 and ending late afternoon November 13th.  All expenses will be paid!  So this is a great incentive for one of you to come on board.  I have the expense form and information email from John Carr, the Business Office Manager.  Let me know, ASAP, and I will forward it to you.


Some NIBIC folks are still having trouble getting into the members’ section of our website and accessing the Journal.  If you haven’t already signed up, you need to go to the homepage, and in the upper right corner there is a log in  sign up note.  Click onto the sign up link.  You will use your email address as your log in name, then create a password.  You will be led to several information screens.  If you don’t succeed, then contact Greg Edwards, our web keeper, and get his assistance:   409-550-3056.   Some of the publication and news links on the webpage are out of date, and Greg assures me that he will update the material.


A bit of news from Worklife Institute:  We were awarded all five grants we applied for to support our veterans and family worklife reintegration programs.  We have also added a new program:  Military Caregivers Empowerment and Professional Development Project.  There are about 5.5 million military caregivers in the U.S. now, 1.1 of them caring for Post 9/11 wounded veterans.  66% of  caregivers are women, 25% of them spouses, with the rest other family members, friends and neighbors, and 75% of these caregivers want and need to be in the workplace.  With the time required and unpredictability of the caregiving role, many experience jeopardy to their careers or loss of jobs altogether.  Our program is helping them link to support resources, provide EAP-type counseling and strategies to manage their worklife while also successfully navigating their caregiving. 


I will be heading to Atlanta this coming week for the annual America’s Warrior Partnership’s Community Integration Symposium.  We will again have an information booth there and network with over a hundred other service provider organizations.  


Wishing you a good Labor Day observance and good start to your Fall time involvements.


Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D.

Executive Director, NIBIC

News for Jan 2018

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Hello all,


I have just returned from Washington, D.C. and the pastoral care leadership meetings, representing NIBIC.  The meetings went very well; we had a good session on “Best Practices in Resiliency for Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors” and another on chaplaincy advocacy at the grassroots and nationally.  New member groups are joining the COMISS Network, and all the discourse was civil.  So that is good news.  I would like to have other team members at next year’s meeting, which will be at a new location, the Crystal Gateway Marriott, by Reagan airport.  The dates are January 13—14th.


Here is the link to the 2018 Dues and Directory Update page and for those of you who are at the Certified Clinical Level of membership, the forms.  Remember that those of you who have been a Clinical member at least a year are qualified to apply for certification.  If you are interested please contact me for information and questions answered.  A significant development during the COMISS meeting is that care institutions are requiring certification by are recognized national body that provides certification.


Have a good second half of January, 
Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., NBCC

 Executive Director, NIBIC

News for Winter 2017

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NIBIC NEWS:  December 2017


Greetings from Houston, TX and the NIBIC headquarters at Worklife Institute.  We hope you are having a meaningful and joyful Season.  January 4-11, I will be in Washington, D.C. for the annual Endorsers’ and Cognate pastoral care groups meetings, representing NIBIC plus my own faith group, so if you have interests or concerns about the spiritual care movement that you wish to pass on to me, please let me know before I leave.


New Member: We welcome Vona Rose Wilson as a new Clinical Member from Franklin, Tennessee.  She is endorsed by the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education & Ministry and serves as the Chaplain of the YMCA of Middle Tennessee.  She is responsible for establishing systems and processes to provide for approximately 3,000 employees.  The YMCA serves over 25,000 members in Middle Tennessee.  Please reach out to her.  Vona’s contact information is:


Member News from Karen Diefendorf: The Annual Chaplain Training Conference for Tyson Foods, Inc. was held October 2-5, 2017.  The theme was ‘Putting the Pieces Together.’  We kicked off the training with an opening BBQ meal and team building exercise with chaplains building rain gutter long banana splits!  As the new Director, I gave the opening address titled, ‘Where Does My Leadership Fit?’ and shared my philosophy of leadership as it relates to Tyson’s goals.  Tuesday was filled with various workshops and briefings.  Wednesday was a full day of training on the Blended Family by Dr. Ron Deal.  Thursday morning we wrapped up with an introduction of the new Regional Mentoring and Training Program to begin this January.  I have heard a lot of good feedback and excitement about where we are going.  I am thrilled to be in this position and ready to soon begin my second year.  Hard to believe that the first year is almost over.


Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling: Alan Harris continues to represent NIBIC well as our representative on the Journal of Pastoral Care Publication’s Board of Managers.  They now hold their meetings “virtually”, by teleconference.  He and I exchange information before and after the meetings.  NIBIC is up to date on its annual assessment, thanks to the members who turned in their dues this year.  For his own ministry, Alan is active as a staff chaplain and bereavement coordinator with Crossroads Hospice in Kansas City. 


Greg Edwards, our treasurer and web site keeper, Alan and I have been in discussion about the continuing problems some of our members are having accessing the Journal from our NIBIC website.  He reports that the publisher, SAGE, tells us that the web site hosting location Greg uses does not allow the necessary security code that SAGE uses to get through their security wall to be placed on our web site.   Greg and Alan cannot access the Journal, but now for some reason, I can.  So, I strongly recommend that we switch to another service that is user and editor-friendly.  Worklife Institute uses Go Daddy.  If you have a good service, please suggest it, ASAP.

As a stop-gap, I can offer a service to those of you who are current with your 2017 dues.  I have downloaded all the articles from the December 2017 edition and can send an online copy of any particular article you want to read. 


Following is a list of the current articles:  Editorial – Cultural Resilience; Jung’s Ethics; Grief – Fowler’s Stages; Eternal Life; A day in the life of a Mayo Chaplain; Frames for the Future – training; Faith-based understanding of Moral Injury; Return to Babel; Transcendental experiences vs. mental illness; Pastoral Practitioner.


Hurricane Harvey – Disaster Response Case Study:  Many of you inquired about how we and Houston were doing after Hurricane Harvey struck the last weekend of August.  The Institute is on high ground so got no rising water, but, being on the top floor, we did get a lot of water coming through the ceiling.  This has happened for the past nine years since Hurricane Ike whenever we have heavy storms, so building management knows to haul in new ceiling tiles.

Another staff member and I were able to get to the Institute Resource Center after the roads cleared in the neighborhood and set up a “Welcome Center”, let our clients know we care about them, find out how they were impacted and start with direct aid and referrals.  Within an hour we had almost 100 folks check in.   Many of them were forced from their flooded and unlivable homes, had their cars flooded (est. 500,000 vehicles under water), lost clothing and furniture and many lost their jobs due to the damage to their workplaces, loss of supply chain and customers.


The first round of Harvey Relief grants was given out to selected large agencies that deal with rehousing.  The second round was not given out until November 15th, but we were allowed to bid and won a grant to help people in Harris County become reemployed and provide supportive trauma counseling services, METRO and gas cards and respite space at the Institute.  Until then, we cared for large numbers on the existing funds we had on hand. 

We discovered quickly after Harvey that the Insurance, FEMA, Small Business Administration loan program cycle is a quagmire, so we upped our learning curve and began assisting clients to submit their FEMA appeals and look for alternative sources of aid.  Systematically, we have fielded situations in which home, renters and car insurance carriers write damage estimates for less than their deductibles or denied them because of rising water rather than falling water, or that their mold-filled homes are “habitable”.   Next step is FEMA, and the majority of our clients are being turned down or at best given funding far less that what is needed to do the necessary repairs, and then FEMA refers them on the SBA for a home repair or small business loan.  For those on fixed incomes or with low credit scores, this is not an option they can take.


Even more frustrating is that the majority of the $29 MM in the second Harvey Relief Fund was given to large, complex agencies to provide case management, housing repair, and financial assistance.  We have the print-out of services by agency and ZIP Code, but as we refer clients, they have been turned down or have gotten little response, being put into long waiting lists.  We and United Way 211 management have gotten together and discovered that this pattern appears to be area-wide.  FEMA support for hotel housing ends January 16th.  What is certain to all is that Harvey Recovery will be a long process, lasting years.  I know the same is true for the Irma-impacted and particularly for Puerto Rico.  Do keep the people affected in all these areas in supportive prayer.


We have also experienced how “secondary” trauma impacts the entire community.  Since the beginning of the response, we have encountered grouchy, numbed-out social service providers and are trying to take care of ourselves so that we don’t fall into that trap.  On the other hand, we witnessed the tremendous outpouring of neighbors helping neighbors and resiliency, aided, of course, by the Astros winning the World Series. The Institute is decked out for the holidays and offering hospitality, and we will be taking extra time at Christmas to chill out and enjoy company.


Let’s stay in touch with each other and please send in news from your own region.  In January we will be sending out the 2018 Directory Update and Dues form, so please be responsive.  Have a wonderful rest of the Holiday Season and start of the New Year.  


Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D.

Executive Director, NIBIC

News for Summer 2017

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 Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2017 19:23:35 +0000
Subject: NIBIC NEWS - Summer 2017

Hello All,


First of all, I want to let you know that Greg Edwards, in Beaumont, and I, Diana Dale, in Houston, rode Hurricane Harvey out without damage.  The Worklife Institute, where NIBIC is headquartered, had quite a bit of ceiling damage, but they are fixing it today, so we are good to go.  Several NIBIC members did check in to see if we were OK, and we appreciate your thoughtfulness.


We are doing a Directory update, and I notice that the copied email list I am using has duplicate addresses.  We will repair that before the next News Notes goes out.  Sorry for any annoyance.


We are pleased to announce to you that we have two new Clinical Members this summer, Karen Diefendorf and Mark McCormick. 


Karen is Director of Chaplain Services for Tyson Foods.  She was 24 years an Army Chaplain, has 5 Units of CPE and is also a member of one of our sister organizations, ACPE.  After retiring from the Army she was a hospice chaplain in South Carolina.  She is stationed at Tyson corporate offices in Rogers, Arkansas, directly supervising four chaplains and indirectly their 100 corporate chaplains.  Her endorser is the Christian Church / Churches of Christ. 


Mark McCormick and his wife, Barbara, live near Fort Collins, Colorado where he is a full-time chaplain for Qualfon USA as part of Worksite Chaplains.   He completed 4 Units of ACPE CPE in Oregon, after which they relocated Denver, where he was a PRN hospital chaplain.  Mark is also a member of the National Association of Catholic Chaplains.  Welcome aboard!  Their emails are at the end of the “to” list, so drop them a line of welcome.


In other news, Alan Harris, Certified Clinical member from Kansas City, has been representing NIBIC well as our delegate to the Board of Managers of the Journal of Pastoral Care Publications.  We are happy to say that we have submitted our entire 2017 Assessment fee so are in good standing.  The Journal has had some challenges in the past year with its new online publishing system.  I have tested the system through the NIBIC website, and it is working for me.  Do give it a try and then contact Greg Edwards or Alan if you are having difficulties.  New members, go to and Greg will give you an invitation to get into the members, only, part of the site and also access the Journal.


Alan also reports that he became certified in 2016 with the Grief Recovery Institute and now conducts Grief Recovery Method groups in the Kansas City area.  He is planning to explore how GRM groups could be adapted and used by workplace Employee Assistance Programs and is asking if other NIBIC chaplains involved in EAP work use GRM.  He would like to initiate a discussion on this.


Juliette Jones, Certified Clinical member from Warm Mineral Wells, Florida, reports that she recently attended a great Carl Jung Society presentation and workshop with Dr. Rick Tarnas entitled, “Our moment in history: Is modern humanity undergoing a rite of passage?”  Juliette is a chaplain with Tide Well Hospice, which carries a census of about 1,000 people across four counties.  She states that this is the best hospice corporation she has experienced.  So those with interest ought to check in with her. 


Juliette also mentioned that her hospice administration is telling their chaplains who are not Certified that they will need certification in the future, so get going with that project.  NIBIC is listed as one of the bona fide certifying bodies by the corporation.  Greg Edwards, who now is Spiritual Care Coordinator for Kindred Hospice in Beaumont, TX, and I were discussing this subject today, and he noted that the Spiritual Care Association, by which NIBIC is recognized, has some alternative educational routes with on-the-job and remote learning in order to gain CPE equivalency required for certification.


Earlier this year, Bruce Maxwell, NIBIC chaplain with Breezewood Trucker/Traveler Ministry in Pennsylvania, sent their newsletter.  They hosted seminary students from Wesley Seminary in Washington, D.C. for a full-immersion experience with truckers, travelers, the homeless, response to wreckage sites.    Visit for more news of this dynamic ministry.


At Worklife Institute, our Texas Veterans Worklife Transition program is going strong into its 10th year.  We served over 500 veterans and their families this year and are happy to report that over 70% of them became employed, 79% in professional positions or skilled trades.  Most of them also took advantage of our “wrap-around” personal transition and family pastoral counseling and legal / financial advisement services.  Many of our veteran families took a hit from hurricane Harvey and are displaced.  A large company in California was cruising Houston-area service organizations and called yesterday offering to send direct-needs goods from their employee care program.  I canvassed our clients and found that most wanted gift cards for gas, groceries and personal care items, rather than shipped goods.  We are praying for a good response.  I have been at the Institute each day fielding calls.


Please continue to share your good news and resources.  For those of you who still owe 2017 dues and directory updates, please send them in ASAP.  And please continue to pray for the thousands of persons displaced and with property destruction and for our ministry here with them.


Chaplain Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., LMFT

Executive Director, NIBIC

CEO and President, Worklife Institute

Director, Texas Veterans Transition Program

1900 St. James Place, Suite 880

Houston, TX 77056


News for Fall 2016

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 Hello NIBIC Members with current Email addresses:


I hope that you and those you serve had a good Veterans Day.  At Worklife Institute, we have provided our services at two Veterans and Families Hiring and Benefits events.  The “Red, White and You” state-wide job fair November 10th brought in 3,000 job seekers and 160 employers, plus 22 of us service organizations, at the baseball stadium downtown. The Veterans Day event took place outside of City Hall in conjunction with the annual parade.  Many veterans and their families who are out of work came by our information booth.


Several weeks ago three of us on our Institute team were in San Francisco for the Swords to Plowshares’ get-together for the California and Texas Employment and Training Collaborative.  We are one of four Texas and ten California organizations invited to be part of the program, to share best practices and explore new ways to get people back to work and with new skills.   It was great to get back to my old “stomping grounds”.  I hadn’t been back to the Bay Area in 18 years. 


Attached is a notice of the passing of Howard E. Butt, Jr., the founder of the HEB grocery chain, and a significant pioneer of the “faith in daily life”, servant-leadership and workplace ministry movements.  In other parts of the country we hear more about the leadership coming out of Chicago, New York and other places, but I thought you would be interested in the colorful and very influential work of H.E. Butt from Texas.


In a major development within the pastoral care associations and credentialing arena, we succeeded in getting NIBIC recognized as an approved certifying professional chaplaincy organization whose board certification is recognized as equivalent by the Spiritual Care Association.  I got notice in early October that the SCA was offering half-price membership and application for Board certification to celebrate its rapid growth in six months to more than 1,000 members and offices in nine countries. 


Dave Plummer, myself and others in NIBIC had been watching this organization’s development, because it had been publicizing “evidence-based” chaplaincy credentialing as a future-oriented approach to pastoral care competency measurement and stirring the waters of the older certifying bodies.  For many years we have had to deal with a succession of alliances within COMISS and beyond that have purported to define common standards for pastoral care certification, and which had cut NIBIC and other major players out, jeopardizing some of our members’ employment.  I went on the SCA’s website and saw that we were not listed for equivalency, so I wrote SCA’s leadership.


Sue Wintz, who is responsible for “vetting certifying organizations eligible to partner with (SCA) in certifying chaplains”, and I had a series of discussions, and I  shared what we sent to a team of NIBIC folks, including Juliette Jones, Alan Harris, Martha Gonsalves, Art Jacobson, Greg Edwards, Dave Plummer and Tim Bancroft.  From our qualifications documents, they said they were under the impression that we don’t require the 2,000 hours of clinical practice as a chaplain prior to certification application and question our ministerial identity.


Wintz explained,  “it reads as though NIBIC certification is granted for (a), being a secular counselor as enough, and (b), the person doesn’t have to be working as a chaplain; they just have to be doing pastoral care, however that may be defined.  That appears to say that a person could work in HR or in Employee Assistance and not be pastorally or chaplaincy identified at all, nor have the required training and experience.  Because of these issues, we cannot offer reciprocal certification by SCA to your members at this time.  Please let us know in the future if these issues are readdressed.”  This is the same stance that we have experienced over the past years.


I responded with an overview of our stated certification requirements and a historical scan of corporate changes over the past thirty years. This is  attached as a statement you can use, if you’d like, to provide clarity to “doubters” you may encounter.  SCA’s response the same day, October 18, was as follows: “Thanks so much for the additional information; it greatly helps to clarify information that wasn’t as clear for us in the written materials as well as describe the dynamics that many workplace chaplains face which we weren’t aware of.  I’ve discussed this with Eric Hall (CEO & President, SCA), and we would be happy to include NIIC chaplains as having reciprocal certification by the Spiritual Care Association.  We will ensure that NIBIC is added to the SCA Certification page as one of the recognized U.S. or international professional chaplaincy organizations as recognized for Path 1 certification as a SCA BCC.   “


You can access this page by going to  Whether or not NIBIC members wish to take advantage of this additional certification, or if it is helpful to your place of employment, is up to you.  The significance of what we have worked on here is that a great breakthrough in understanding, collaboration and respect for multiple paths towards competency has occurred.  This is a hopeful sign for the spiritual /pastoral care movement and our place in it.


Do write with your news.  Our next edition of the NIBIC News Notes will come out shortly after the New Year.  Blessings of the Season to you and your ministry.


Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., LMFT, NBCC

CEO and President, Worklife Institute

Executive Director, NIBIC

1900 St. James Place, Suite 880

Houston, TX 77056



News for Winter 2016

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 Hello NIBIC members,


Attached is your 2016 Dues and Directory Update form to send in ASAP.  Later in the Spring we will publish an updated version of the Directory, based on what changes you send it.  Please also note the information requests on the bottom of the form.  Please volunteer to be the News Notes editor.  Also let us know if you would want to attend an in-person gathering for sharing best practices this year, and if you would be able to come and suggest a venue.


I have very good news for you about our new accessibility to the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling.  Greg Edwards and I had been wrestling with this for a long time, then Alan Harris, our new representative to the JPCP Board to Managers, really took the challenge in hand, and working with Sage Publications they managed to get our membership link established.  I just tried it, and it works!  Here are the steps to get into the publication:


1)       Log into the NIBIC website with your own user ID and password.  (If you haven’t done this before and have trouble, contact Greg at

2)      On the members page, click on the link to Sage Publications and the PJCC page.

3)      The NIBIC name will appear in small letters on the upper left-hand side of the page.

4)      Then click on the model of the cover of the Journal, on the left side of the page.

5)      This ought to get you to the current issue.  You access each article by checking the square to the left of the title and clicking the pdf icon below to open the article.


Let me know how it works for you, and good reading.


The pastoral care leadership meetings in Washington, D.C. were very well done and interesting this year.  I got back two weeks ago, before the snow hit.  The theme of the COMISS  (civilian credentialing and endorsing groups) conference this year was, “The Science of Well-Being.”  Matt Bloom, Ph.D. presented during three sessions.  A clip of his message can be found at   There was also an distinct air of collegiality and civility in evidence this year – a great sign of spiritual and professional maturing, in contrast with past years’ incidents of ideological and competitive discord.


During the military and VA chaplaincy endorsers’ meeting, I got to present our program from Worklife Institute, as one of two programs selected from the membership to demonstrate best-practices and a model for other organizations’ creating new programs to meet emerging needs.  The session got a lot of enthusiastic response, with requests for copies of the slides and further program sharing.  I encourage the rest of us NIBIC members to circulate your program innovations, and let’s get a resource network going, with what we produce also stored on our website.


I wish you a great start to 2016, and again, thanks to Alan Harris for pursuing our JPCC link. Best to you,  Diana Dale


Diana C. Dale, D.Min., Ph.D., LMFT

CEO and President, Worklife Institute

Executive Director, NIBIC

1900 St. James Place, Suite 880

Houston, TX 77056